You said, we did

Updated on 2nd July 2018 at 12:36 pm


You said We did Date
The practice has become far too money orientated and as a result is not giving the prescriptions or referrals needed by patients. I always feel I am fobbed off and not listened to We are sorry you feel this way.  Due to the financial challenges the NHS is under we are trying to encourage patients to purchase medication over the counter where possible and when appropriate eg Paracetamol.  In addition to this locality practices are working closely with North Tyneside CCG regarding the most appropriate pathway for referrals.  Please do feel free to discuss this with us if you have any specific concerns. Jun-18
The waiting room calling system displays the patients name on the screen for a few seconds  and then flashes straight off.  A few patients have been missing their names unless they are sat staring at the screen Thank you for highlighting this.  The calling system was configured by the engineers and the time of display was set at the recommended time of 10 seconds.  However, we can confirm we have increased this to allow patients plenty of time to ensure they see their name. Feb-18
It would be good to have books/magazines in the waiting room area. Happy to oblige!  There is now a bookcase next to the water dispenser with books and magazines. Nov-17
It would be useful to have access to a drink of water in the waiting area. A water dispenser has been installed in the waiting area for the benefit of our patients. Jun-17
An additional handrail on the stairs leading up to room 6 would be helpful. Happy to oblige! An additional handrail has been fitted. Mar-17
There should be an infection control poster next to the self check in system There are infection control posters next to each alcohol hand gel dispenser, one in the waiting area, and one in the lobby area. However, we agree and have placed a relevant poster next to the check in system  and are looking at having another alcohol hand gel dispenser closer to the check in system. Mar-17
“We wait too long at the practice to be seen for our appointment” Our GPs have moved from 10 minute to 15 minute appointments, this is to try and minimise the time patients may wait to see our GPs Mar-17
Appointments are often running late and patients are having to wait a long time past their appointments There have been many times recently that our surgeries have ran late.  This has been due to high demand on our appointment system. We appreciate how frustrating and inconvenient this must be, please accept our apologies for this.  To try to improve the situation we are changing the structure of our appointment sessions.   We hope the change in structure will reduce the waiting times and  we will monitor the situation.  Thank you for your patience in the meantime. Feb-16
It would be useful to book nursing appointments online Our nursing staff specialize in different areas and there are different time allocations for different procedures.  However, we have created a  selection of appointments which are available to book online for our nursing staff. Jan-16
You would like us to dsplay informaiton regarding the local carers centre based in North Shields on our waiting room presentation On 15th October 2015 we spoke to the North Shields Carers Centre who wer very grateful for the contact. They confirmed they were happy for us to display information regarding their services and kindly provided us with what they wished us to say.  The information has been updated on our waiting room presentation Oct-15
You always have to wait for routine Appoitments We have increased the number of telephone appointments for those patients who just want to speak to a Doctor, leaving appointments availabl efor those patients who would rather be seen. Aug-15
Diabetic appointments arriving with only short notice. The diabetic team discussed this and two actions were agreed:    December 2015
a) Diabetic appointments are to be generated and sent out to patients with at least 2 weeks notice.
b) Additional secretarial support obtained from a member of the reception team each week to facilitate this.