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Ante-natal clinic: The practice runs a weekly ante-natal clinic on a Wednesday afternoon between 1.30 pm and 3.00 pm. The midwife is sister Lynette Armstrong. If you are newly pregnant, reception staff will take your details and sister Armstrong will contact you to arrange your “booking in” appointment. Follow-up appointments are made at sister Armstrong’s recommendations. Again if you are unable to attend a booked appointment please ensure that you cancel this.

Asthma checks: Asthma checks are undertaken by our practice nurses. It is recommended that if you are asthmatic that you have a review annually unless recommended earlier. Appointments can be arranged via reception staff.  My Lungs My Life will enable you to understand more about your COPD or asthma and help you to use self-management effectively as an equal partner with your healthcare professionals.  Further information on asthma can be located at Beat Asthma and there are also Breathe Easy Support Groups available.

Care of the dying: Our practice strives to ensure that patients are allowed to die in the setting of their choice where possible. We aim to ensure that a treatment plan is in place to eliminate delays in symptom control.

Cervical cytology (smear test): Smear tests are recommended for women between the ages of 25 and 65 every three years unless a previous abnormality has been present. Tests can be undertaken by either of the practice nurses or if you prefer by one of the lady GPs.

Children’s clinic: We hold a weekly Thursday baby clinic where there is a nurse and GP in attendance. This clinic is primarily for vaccinations and age related health checks and is by appointment only. If your baby/child is poorly please inform reception staff and they will arrange the earliest appointment.

Chiropody: If you are aged 65 or over you can self refer to chiropody by telephoning 0191 219 6621. Patients under the age of 65 need to see a GP who will refer you to the chiropody service if necessary. If you are diabetic you should have direct access to the diabetes podiatry service.

Chronic disease management: If you suffer from a chronic disease then you should undergo review of your disease as recommended by your doctor. Please arrange appointments accordingly.

Continence assessment: Please contact the practice to speak to one of the community nursing staff who will be able to arrange this for you.

Contraceptive advice: For first time advice for contraceptive needs please arrange to see one of the doctors during surgery times.

Follow-up contraceptive advice and treatment is carried out by the practice nursing staff.  The practice undertakes implant insertions and removals.  Please ask should you require any further information.

If you require emergency contraception, this can be prescribed up to 72 hours following unprotected sex. Please arrange to see one of the doctors within this time for treatment/advice.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact the One to One Centre where you can self-refer for contraceptive and sexual health advice. One to One Clinic

Condoms:  Did you know that if you are under 25 you can get free condoms from the C-Card scheme?

C-Card gives you access to free condoms from outlets across Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

Our practice is registered as a C-Card practice.

Counselling: The practice has an in-house counsellor. If you feel you could benefit from this service then please speak to one of the GPs for referral.

Diabetic clinic: The practice operates a diabetic clinic on alternate Wednesday afternoons.  A GP, practice nurse, dietitian are  in attendance. Appointments are usually sent out to you approximately 2 weeks before your appointment is due.

Dressings: If you require a wound to be dressed or re-dressed please arrange to see one of the community nursing staff during surgery times.

Ear syringing: Ear syringing will only be undertaken by the practice nurses.

Epilepsy: If you suffer from epilepsy and are receiving medication it is recommended that you have a review at least annually. You will be sent an invitation when this is due. Checks can be carried out by the either sister Gallagher, sister Rogers, or one of the GPs.

Family planning: See contraceptive advice

Flu vaccines & pneumococcal immunisation: If you are aged over 65 or are in one of the “at-risk” groups (chronic respiratory disease, including asthma, chronic heart disease, chronic renal disease chronic liver disease, diabetes mellitus, immunosuppression – due to disease or treatment. including asplenia or splenic dysfunction, HIV infection at all stages. Patients undergoing chemotherapy leading to immunosuppression, those living in long-stay residential care homes or other long-stay care facilities, those who are the main carer for an elderly or disabled person)

Then you are recommended to have a flu vaccination and possibly pneumococcal vaccination. Flu vaccines are given every year, whilst pneumococcal vaccines are usually only given once in a lifetime. Check with the practice nurse if you are unsure. Flu clinics usually commence around the end of September beginning of October. Please speak to reception staff for details of special flu clinics.

Hypertensive clinic: If you suffer from high blood pressure then it is essential that you have a review. The practice nursing staff and GPs undertake hypertensive reviews on a regular basis.

Interpreting service: This service is available on request providing several days notice is given in advance.

Learning Disabilities:  The practice offers an annual health check for all patients on our learning disability register.

Meningitis C Vaccine:  If you are aged 17-25 and entering university for the first time,  please speak to the practice nurse regarding the Men C vaccine.

Minor surgery:  A minor surgery clinic is held on a Monday afternoon where small lumps and bumps can be removed. Access to this clinic is via referral from one of the medical staff.

New patient checks: All newly registered patients are asked to complete a new patient questionnaire. You are also invited to make an appointment for a health check with one of the nursing staff soon after registering. The health check  gives us an opportunity to meet you and obtain important details before your medical records arrive from your previous practice. This is especially important if you are on regular medication that will need to be renewed.

NHS Health Checks: Everyone is at risk of developing heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes or kidney disease, but these diseases can often be prevented. NHS Health Checks will assess a persons risk and give personalised advice on how to reduce this. The new NHS Health Check is for adults in England between the ages of 40 and 74.

Obesity management: If you would like advice on a healthy lifestyle or would just like to lose weight, our practice nurses can assist you. Please arrange an appointment via reception staff.

Over 75 Health Checks:  All patients over 75 who do not already attend the surgery for an annual review are welcome to book a health check with the HCA.  The HCA will check your blood pressure, weight, height, urine and enquire about any health needs.  Please book with the receptionist if you wish to have a health check.

Palliative Care: As a practice we are committed to providing a clear systematic approach to the management of patients with palliative care needs. The approach is holistic, multidisciplinary and patient orientated. Regular review, as needed is undertaken with input from palliative care professionals.

Phlebotomy: The practice has a phlebotomist who is trained to take blood. If you require a blood sample to be taken appointments can be booked via reception staff.

Pneumococcal immunisation: See flu vaccines

Private medical services: Some services fall outside the NHS and therefore charges submitted for these are payable by the patient. This includes BUPA forms, private medical certificates, signing of passport applications and various examinations for sport, school or employment. Reception staff will be happy to advise further. A list of our current charges is available.

Rheumatology monitoring: Regular blood monitoring checks are required for certain medication. These checks are carried out by the practice nursing staff. Please speak to reception staff for further advice.

Sexual Health: Information on Sexual Health is available.

Smoking cessation: If you would like to give up smoking please arrange to see Sister Rogers for smoking cessation advice. She can help with support, nicotine replacement etc.  Alternatively information can be located on the following websites:

NHS Smokefree
Thinking of giving up smoking

Spirometry: The treatment room nurse undertakes spirometry testing. Please let reception staff know if you require an appointment.

Suture removal: If you have undergone a surgical procedure and require stitches to be removed. This can be done by arranging an appointment with one of the community nursing staff.

Termination: There is now a dedicated appointment line where your call will be answered confidentially by an experienced member of the team. They will offer you an appointment to attend one of their outpatient clinics,  further information is available.

Text reminder service: If you are interested in receiving a text message reminding you of your appointment you will need to register your mobile number for this service. Please complete the text message registration form and hand in at reception.

Travel health: If you are traveling abroad please note that there are certain countries where you may require vaccinations prior to traveling. Please arrange to speak to one of the practice nurses for advice and complete a travel questionnaire form.

Well baby clinic: Please see children’s clinic

Well man/well woman checks: Well man/well woman checks can be undertaken by one of the nursing staff during normal surgery time. Please arrange an appointment via one of the reception staff.