Primary Care Navigators

Updated on 12th May 2017 at 11:05 am


The GP practice is very much the Centre of the Community.  People go to their GP practice for all sorts of reasons;

  • for help when you feel unwell
  • to manage your long term condition
  • to get the most life into your years
  • for check-ups and advice that will keep you living a long and healthy life
  • sometimes when you don’t know where else to turn

Care Navigators are specialist members of staff who have been trained to provide a wider range of advice, supporting the doctors and nurses and not replacing them.  Care Navigators are typically more experienced practice staff, you probably know them well from the front desk.  Their job is to help you to choose the best options for yourself, and they have access to a database of services and local groups to help advise you.

At Park Road Medical Practice we have seven care navigators, all of our reception team and our Health Care Assistant.  Ask at front reception if you  require their assistance.