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Age a positive attitude leaflet – produced by the Local Authority

Advice for Parents Leaflet

Ante Natal Care Leaflet

Body Positive North East

Carers Leaflet – produced by North Tyneside Carers Centre

Carers Leaflet – produced by North Tyneside Council

Children’s Minor Injuries Walk-in-Service

Clinical Reference Groups – information pack for patients and carers

Cold and Flu Leaflet

Complaints Leaflet

Coughs and Colds in Children

Dementia Leaflet

Diabetes Audit

Fitness Information for the over 50s

Good Youth Move – The programme is called GYM- Good Youth Move and is a free 10 week gym or exercise programme for teens to access or get referred to if there are any concerns about their weight.

Healthcare Associated Infections

How information technology can help you at Park Road Medical Practice

How to make the best use of your time at the practice

How we use your health records

How information about you helps us provide better care

Independent Advocacy

Joint and Steroid Injection

Keep Calm and Look After Yourself

North Tyneside Link

Linskill Healthy Walks

Local Travel Information for North Tyneside

Looking after your child’s health – an NHS app

Losing weight before your operation

Macmillan Support Services

Mental Health Leaflets

NHS Helpcard

Patient Access – Electronic Records – a guide for patients

Practice leaflet

Removing patient’s from the practice list – patient information leaflet

Stopping smoking before your operation

What happens when you are referred by your GP to see a specialist

Working Home Outreach Team

Whooping Cough in older children, adolescents and adults