Updated on 19th June 2019 at 3:27 pm


Do you help to look after a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without your support?  If you do, let us know and we can give you advice on where you can gain help and support.

North Tyneside Carers Centre is a local independent charity which was established in 1994.  They are the only generic carer support service in the borough providing support to both young and adult carers.  They are a network member of Carers Trust. Over the years the centre has developed in response to the needs of adult and young and now employs around 22 staff and has 25 volunteers.  The Board of Trustees is made up of professionals, some of whom are carers with a diverse range of skills needed to move the organisation forward.  Carers are represented at every level of the organisation.

Their mission is “To improve the quality of life for carers in North Tyneside.”

Is there a member of your household who could be classed as a “young carer”  This is anyone under the age of 18, if there is, let us know.

North Tyneside Young Carers online work with young carers and their families. The young carers team provide practical and emotional support to young carers around their caring role.

They also offer a breaks and activities service so that young carers take a break from caring, explore new activities and aspirations and make friends with other young people who have a caring role.

The Carers centre provides FREE activities to give  carers the opportunity to talk to other  carers, exchange practical advice, share experiences and take some time out from their caring roles.

Workshops for Carers Jul to Dec 2019